Sunday, March 4, 2007

Cabled Bolero

I'm finished my cabled Bolero by Norah Gaughan. I changed the pattern. It was going to be a bizarre shape, too big and just plain weird, even in the small size with a finished measurement of 36". So, instead of following the diagram, I made up a new one. The sleeves became triangles instead of pentagons.

I picked up 29 sts from #3 pentagon, 28 sts from #2 pentagon and then 29 sts from #9 pentagon for the right sleeve, worked back and forth to row #12, then worked even (no more decreases) and followed the directions for cabling according to the magazine instructions until the final decrease row for the small size. Did the decrease row and made the sleeve nice and long to my wrist. I did the same thing for the left sleeve. I've provided a diagram with arrows to show you my fix. It is drying on my sweater rack, I'll take a photo soon. Now it looks like a bolero...and it fits.

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June said...

Hey Brenda, I think the main thing here is that "it fits"! I have to adjust every pattern I make due to size issues (for me all set sizes need to be adjusted down, just to be clear, ahem . . . I don't work out for nothing!)

I think the rest of the kuddos are for the fact that you are just a talented designer, yourself!