Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sexy Knitting

Woohoo! I received my very own personally autographed copy of Joan McGowan-Michael's most gorgeous book Knitting Lingerie Style. Chapter 3 on Corsets is my favourite section, I love the designs and hope that one day some of these pretty tops will be part of my wardrobe. If you have any tips on cloning, please pass them along as I will obviously need 2 or more of me to accomplish this feat.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Running towards the Future

I know I haven't posted in ages, but I have a very good reason for that, I've taken up running 3x per week with the Running Room with their "Learn to Run" clinic and it's been a fantastic experience. In 2 weeks I will be running in a 5k race. 2 months ago I never imagined being able to do so. I've signed up for the next clinic which is 5k to keep up with the progress I've made but at a comfortable pace. My group leader keeps saying that I should have signed up for the 10k clinic but I don't want to push myself that much. She thinks that before I'm 50 I should attempt a full marathon. I giggled at that one!

So far, I've had 2 injuries, my calf decided it had enough about a month ago and I missed one night of running and now for the last couple of weeks, my hip has decided to complain. I don't think it helps that I've also been biking every weekend checking out all the fantastic walking/biking trails and parks Kitchener-Waterloo has to offer. Totally amazing, I just love it.