Saturday, December 30, 2006

3 Ring Fantasy

My mom convinced me to go shopping at the Farmer's Market in St. Jacobs today and keep her company this morning. Why oh why did I agree? Look at what had to go home with me. 3 such pretty rings, I couldn't stop at one, oh no. I had to go for 3. On the right, Peridot, in the middle I think it's Tanzanite, and on the left, definitely not a diamond, but see, it sparkles.

And then, we had to walk by a medieval booth,...sigh, anyone who knows me well, also knows that dragons are my downfall. The last time I purchased one was on my honeymoon, newly married. So, I thought why not buy one now, since I'm "almost" newly divorced (lucky me, for real). It made perfect sense to me this morning. It still makes sense now, and I think this candle holder is delightful. The perfect accessory for my tea lites and it also satisfies my new penchant for burning things, um, candles.

I also went home with 4 lbs of lean ground beef and 6 bags of frozen fruit (peaches, cherries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and mangoes), so it wasn't a total waste. At least I bought something I could eat too. Hmmmph.

Friday, December 29, 2006

In the beginning...

Okay, so I finally did it. I've been brought kicking and screaming into this weird world of babbling all about myself. And now I'm wondering, who's actually going to read it? Who's actually going to care? I suppose that isn't really the point. Maybe this really is all about me, and it doesn't matter if other people notice.

It's such a dreary day today in Kitchener, I haven't taken any pics. So to provide some enjoyment as well as a picture perfect blog, I will share a photo from my previous garden in my previous life. This garden is no longer mine and I doubt that the current owners will lovingly weed it like I did. I hope you enjoy my lilacs as much as I did. I will certainly miss them.