Thursday, September 25, 2008

Run & Knit, Knit & Run

I've promised more pics of my latest projects, here's the back and a bit of the collar of Autumn Asters, a Michelle Rose-Orne design, in which I used Elann's Peruvian Highland wool. Love the colours and love Michelle's design. I just have to attach the other sleeve, figure out button bands and then embroider little asters (daisies) all over the shawl collar. When it's finished, I will take a proper pic of me wearing it, can't wait, it's a pretty sweater.

Besides knitting, I've also been running. Here's pics of my bib numbers from the Beamsville Bench (August 9th) and the Laurier Loop (September 21st), weird how they're both numbered 301...

I ran 5k in both, Beamsville I clocked 27 min 55 secs and in the Laurier Loop, 27 min 21 secs. I'm getting better. For my efforts this past weekend I won 1st place female in the Overall Masters category. I'm stoked!

Receiving that silly medal with a purple ribbon makes it all worth it. You know how they say runners have a love/hate relationship with their sport, well, I can certainly attest to that, especially when it's freezing outside or way too hot. But at the end of my run, I'm really happy that I made the effort. It always feels great.