Monday, January 15, 2007

Nice Ice

No school today because of ice pellets. Instead, a day for sledding and hot chocolate, and writing a resumé, writing a new pattern, calling the drugstore, finding a new doctor. Wow, a great day for doing almost anything except driving.

Walking to the gym looked a little iffy this morning, so I decided to do an in-home workout. It's amazing what new muscles you find when you substitute placing your back against the wall in a sitting position to work on quads and hamstrings, push-ups for chest press and tricep dips on a cedar chest instead of the usual gym equipment.

For your viewing pleasure, and because I can't stand to write a new post without sharing a photo, here are the ice pellets in all their icy glory sitting on my windowsill. Pretty, huh?


Melanie said...

Looks like Ontario is finally getting some winter weather. It's unseasonably cold here on the west coast.

June said...

Good thing you stayed home then! I bet your sore in places you've forgotten about! lol