Thursday, January 4, 2007


I know I promised a sneak peek of my new design that I'm working on but the light is dreary now. So, in place of that, I will share my 2 favourite furballs with you.

I have noticed that many people post pics of their pets on their blogs. Without further ado, I present these 2 fellows, Cinder Bear (13) and Blue Bear (5) who are Devon Rex kitties. Which means, their fur is wavy, soft and velvety and they don't have normal cat guard hairs that fall out all the time. I love to pet them and they love it when I pet them.

Blue quite often keeps me warm while I'm sitting at the computer and Cinder likes to sit with me in the morning at the table after I've eaten my breakfast. They are best friends and keep each other company throughout the day when I'm not here. I don't know what I'd do without them.


Anonymous said...

They are adorable! We like cats but some people in our house are allergic to them so instead we have big slobbering dogs. Go figure.

I tried to take some WIP shots yesterday and the light is lousy here, too. I have fluorescent bulbs all over my house. That doesn't help.

CatonsvilleCats said...

What's a blog with no cats? Cat pictures are good.

Melanie said...

Cat pictures are very good, what a couple of sweetie pies. I love their names - very descriptive of how they look. No shedding, eh?

Brenda said...

I think my kitties are cute too. :)

They do shed, but it's downy soft fur, very delicate and brittle and they form little fuzzy dust bunnies that collect in corners and stairs. Even their whiskers curl and break. They sort of look like gremlins sometimes, but I love them.

Joanne said...

Gorgeous cats! I am one of those annoying allergic people--it developed over time--so now I have to resign myself to admiring kitty photos. I miss the kitty cuddles but alas, breathe better this way. Thanks for posting your friends' photos!