Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santas let loose in Burlington

Okay, since my photos of me in my Santa outfit before the Santa Jingle race I entered Dec.13 are not yet available (not on a digital camera), I will treat you with this mini shot of all 1500 Santas starting the race. This race was not a personal best for me, I think I will blame it on the freezing cold weather down by Lake Ontario, running in Santa pants and all those jingle bells on the shoes jingling along. It was a crazy race.

I promised to show pics of my favourite petal/flower dishcloths before wrapping them up for friends for Christmas. However, I was in such a rush that completely forgot to take the pics. Duh! So, to make up for my oversight, I will provide links to those faves instead, I love making them and hope you try them out too:

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